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What are the available PVC strip mounting systems?

A PVC strip door is comprised of flexible PVC strips that are suspended from the top of a doorway by a mounting system. These strip curtains are most commonly used to keep the cold out and the warmth in. There are a variety of mounting systems to choose from to fasten these PVC strips securely. These mounting systems are usually secured either under the lintel of the door or into the wall above the door. Various types of mounting systems exist in the market and are readily available for installation. These mounting systems are made from steel, aluminium, and high-tech polymers. At Clearway, we offer the most popular hanging systems on the market that are easy to install, easy to replace and are cheap, yet still durable, and rust resistant. Take a look at our hardware on offer here if you are interested.

Hook-on-track & Plate Set

Hook-on-Track & Plate Set is the worldwide most popular mounting system and is the standard mounting system used in most warehouses and factories. This mounting system is made of high quality stainless-steel, ensuring that it is durable, rust resistant and cheap, giving you the best quality while still being affordable. In order to mount the PVC strips, the plate set is riveted onto the strips and then that PVC strip is then hooked on to the track. The curtain should now be securely attached to the track and ready to be used.

The plate set are available for strips of 100, 200, 300 and 400mm width. The hook-on track is available in two formats:

  • Standard for pedestrian and motorized traffic (Available Sizes – 984mm, 1230mm)
  • Reinforced system for heavy motorized traffic (Available Sizes – 984mm, 1230mm)
Quickmount Mounting System

A different option is to use our Quickmount mounting system. Our Quickmount makes it possible to install a PVC Strip very quickly, and without any tools. The PVC strips come pre-punched with holes across the top of the strip.  A Quickmount strip door can be installed by pressing these pre-punched holes over the Quickmount pegs.  It’s very easy to install a strip and is extremely secure.  Strips can only be removed if you intentionally take them off and should not fall off when traffic passes through the curtain.

There are two available Quickmount styles. The choice is yours and is dependent on where the strips are needed. These are the two different styles we offer:

  • The Quickmount MD is a medium-duty system, made from a high-tech polymer, recommended for pedestrian traffic applications.  It is used in personnel doors and walk-in coolers and freezers. It is rated for very low temperatures and is made from an FDA compliant polymer.
  • The Quickmount HD is a heavy-duty system, made from structural aluminium, recommended for motorized applications.  It is used in industrial, warehouse and cold storage applications where forklifts will be used.  It’s the ideal answer for heavier traffic or products moving quickly through the doorway.


If you want to talk about what the right mounting system is right for you, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call, we are more than happy to help.