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Why our PVC is Eco-Friendly

Our PVC is 100% Recyclable!

Clearway ensures that all our PVC is 100% recyclable. We care about our planet and understand that products like ours can have devastating consequences on the environment. This is why all of our PVC is completely phthalate free, a dangerous chemical often found in plastics. This is why our PVC is completely recyclable. We also understand the negative perception around plastic and PVC. We have therefore, taken it upon ourselves to make sure we reduce our carbon footprint and prevent the use of single use products within our range of products. Over the years we have managed to completely change the way we make PVC and have now ended up with a product range that consists of only 100% recyclable products!

We go over and beyond our competitors.

Most of our competitors unfortunately still use cheaper chemicals that are more dangerous and detrimental to the planet, that also make their PVC unrecyclable. This makes their products cheaper but at what cost? We believe that your health and the health of the planet should come first before profit margins. We have ensured that we didn’t fall into the trap of producing cheap, yet dangerous and detrimental products.

Clearway’s Recycle Scheme

At Clearway we now have a recycle scheme, which recycles used PVC back into new PVC, thus drastically reducing our carbon footprint. When recycling something, it drastically reduces the carbon footprint compared to the production and manufacturing of new products. The process also requires less energy as you can skip the initial steps of the manufacturing. This is great because that means we don’t need to use as much energy and thus reduces our carbon footprint. We have infrastructure in place to collect used PVC that is collected by waste reception centres or in containers set aside for recycling. It is also possible to bring your PVC scraps or waste to other reprocessing centres. We can only recycle our own PVC however, as we need to ensure it is 100% recyclable and most of our competitors have PVC that is not recyclable. This is why we decided to only recycle our own PVC.

Adding our waste to the manufacturing stage

Clearway adds the PVC waste that is collected for recycling into the manufacturing stage. All the collected PVC is ground up into small PVC pellets (PVC compound) and added back into the manufacturing process. This process then melts down all the old and new PVC pellets to produce new PVC, which is then shaped into the required lengths and thickness.

What do we do with the materials we cannot put back into manufacturing?

When our PVC waste cannot be directly reused with us, the waste is grinded up and sold to recycling companies who use it to manufacture pipes or electric cables. Clearway also offers its customers the opportunity to help us recycle our products, by sending it back to us for recycling and are always encouraging clients to contact us to participate in this program.

Types of PVC recycling

Mechanical Recycling: This involves mechanically grinding and then cleaning the waste. The PVC is grinded in small particles and cleaned and rinsed. The particles can then be remelted and remoulded with or without fresh material to make the same products or fresh new one.

Chemical Recycling: Several chemical processes such as pyrolysis or hydrolysis are used to convert the waste into reusable components. The resulting products are sodium chloride (salt), calcium chloride and hydrocarbon products which can be used to produce new PVC or used in other manufacturing processes.