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How Strip Curtains can reduce your energy costs

During the cold winter months, business energy bills increase significantly as businesses need to turn up the heating to keep their buildings warm. This is important for employee comfort and happiness. Buildings often have insulated walls and windows, but some businesses often overlook a huge aspect of their insulation plan and that is their businesses doorways. Often doorways are left open or have traffic flowing through them so often, that all the heating within the building escapes and thus increases the energy needed to keep the building warm.

Strip Curtains are great insulators

Thankfully, there is a solution for this. PVC strip curtains are great insulators, keeping the warmth in and the cold out. These versatile strip curtains help to insulate buildings, lowering the companies energy costs while also keeping employees warm. PVC strip curtains are also extremely cost effective and allow business owners to insulate all their external doorways cheaply and easily.

These strip curtains are especially effective in areas where frequent traffic passes through or where doors are left open to the elements for long periods of time. Having strip curtains installed allows traffic to pass through doorways quickly and easily, while still acting as a barrier to insulate the building. This keeps the buildings internal temperature consistent and puts less strain on the heating or cooling systems in the building.

PVC strip curtains also have a variety of other benefits that can help your business. They aren’t only great at keeping temperatures consistent in building, but also keep pests, dust, smoke, and debris from entering the building, keeping your factory safe, clean, and productive. They also reduce the amount of noise entering the building and can improve privacy. These all make employees happier and more comfortable within the building.

The benefits of strip curtains

PVC strip curtains are used in a variety of businesses, due to their multitude of uses, while also being cheap and easy to install and replace. They are used in warehouses, factories, restaurants, retail stores, etc. They can be used in almost any industry or business and come in a variety of different sizes, thicknesses, and colours. They can also have a variety of different applications depending on the type of properties of the PVC you buy, such as antibacterial or flame-retardant properties.

PVC strip curtains are cost effective and extremely versatile. They are also easy to install and maintain and can last for many years if they are looked after properly and installed correctly. Individual strips can also be replaced if only a few strips are damaged, thus reducing the costs if they do indeed get damaged.

So, as you can see, PVC strip curtains are extremely versatile and are great at saving you money on your energy bills. They are also cost effective, easy to install and maintain and keep your employees safe and happy. So if you are looking for a way to drop those energy bills for next winter, we highly recommend installing strip curtains in your building.

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