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How to easily replace strips on your PVC strip curtains

Replacing strip curtains

PVC strip curtains are a great solution for businesses that require a barrier to protect their premises from dust, insects, smoke, and other contaminants. They are also great for temperature control, saving businesses money on their energy bills. Eventually these PVC strips will need to be replaced due to general wear and tear. Thankfully this is extremely easy and cheap to do and Clearway Online offers a variety of options to help you replace these strips easily.

With PVC rolls

At Clearway Online, we offer two options for replacing these PVC strips. The first option is to buy our PVC rolls that we have on offer. These rolls come in 50-meter lengths and although this is a cheaper option, the rolls will require your time and effort to cut them to the correct size. You will also need to punch the required holes into the strips used for mounting them onto the rail. Although this option is cheaper, this can be difficult if this task hasn’t been done before. You’ll also need to remember to buy plates to attach to the strips to mount them to the rails. The rolls also come in 50-meter lengths and so if you are just replacing a few strips, buying an entire roll might be excessive.

With Replacement Strips

An easier option would be to buy our individual PVC replacement strips, that are pre-built for you with the plates and rivets already attached. All you need to do is replace the old strip with the new. You can also buy these individually and can therefore replace the exact number of strips that you require. They also come in varying lengths and widths to fit your application. Although they are slightly less economical, they are great if you just need to replace a few strips.

We are here to help

These two options are available for our entire PVC range. If you do not find the exact PVC replacement strip on our site, feel free to give us a call and we’ll gladly assist you in providing a replacement strip to match your specifications. At Clearway Online, we offer the best customer service and are willing to help you to purchase the perfect product to fulfil your needs.

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