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How Welding Grade PVC can increase workplace safety

Welding can be a dangerous job, for both the welder themselves and for other personnel in the area. Safety needs to be a major concern, to avoid any serious health and safety consequences. Certain safety measures need to be implemented to avoid workplace injuries or other employee health concerns. This is especially the case when it comes to welding. During the welding process, a large amount of energy, heat and light is emitted, which can be dangerous to yourself and everyone around you. Welding also produces sparks and hot molten metal which can damage property and personnel nearby.

Understanding the UK guidelines

The HSE (The Health and Safety Executive) in the UK, states that employers need to provide adequate precautions to reduce the risks of welding within their workplace. This is not just for the welders themselves but for all employees in the areas where welding takes place. This means that employers need to make every effort to mitigate the risk of workplace injuries. HSE goes into more detail about the health and safety precautions on their website.

Welding Curtains

Welding curtains are partitions that are installed to protect others from the dangers of welding. Welding Curtains can play a pivotal role in protecting nearby personnel from the hazards caused during the welding process. They are recommended by the HSE to protect others from the dangerous UV radiation, sparks and molten metal that is created while a person welds. This protects other personnel from conditions such as ‘welding sunburn’ and can also decrease the risk of fires in the work area. These curtains are also semi-transparent, allowing welders to be viewed from a safer position, away from these hazards.

International standards

When discussing international standards, often the ISO is the organisation that is most often referenced. The ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation. It is made up of national standard bodies who develop and publish a range of safety standards within proprietary, industrial, and commercial industries. Being recommended by the ISO ensures that products are certified and conform to international industry standards.

ISO Standards

The ISO has produced their own standard safety procedure for welding curtains and screens called ISO 25980. This ISO specification provides specific guidelines about the health and safety aspects of these welding curtains and screens and highly recommends the use of these protective barriers when welding, especially when other personal are in the area. These protective measures are designed to safeguard employees and business property against harmful radiation, heat, light, and fumes.

The role of quality welding curtains

Always use a quality welding curtain and screen supplier that follows both the HSE and the ISO global standards. As one of the largest UK manufacturers of flexible PVC products, such as welding curtains and screens, we have a deep understanding of the HSE and ISO safety standards and understand the importance of supplying our customers with the best quality products which meet and exceed these guidelines.


We have perfected our welding grade flexible PVC, called Screenflex, over many years of careful design and manufacturing. Our welding grade PVC curtains have been designed to be both fire-retardant and anti-UV, protecting against accidental fires and the dangers of UV light radiation from passing through. Our strip curtain barriers are also of the highest quality and durability. We offer Screenflex as pre-built made-to-measure kits or as rolls of flexible PVC.

Do your research when finding a supplier

When purchasing from new suppliers, always ensure that they have all the necessary paperwork and that their welding curtains do as they say. We have found that so many of our competitors advertise their welding curtains and barriers as anti-UV and fire-retardant when in fact these curtains only have one or none of these specifications. Often, they will sell fire-retardant PVC and advertise it as a welding specification PVC. These barriers will not protect others from the dangers of UV light radiation and therefore can be dangerous to use for welding. Just make sure to do your research before purchasing from a supplier.

So, are welding curtains required?

Without a doubt! Not only are they are needed to ensure you are adhering to all safety guidelines and ensuring that your business is compliant with the HSE, but they are also necessary to give your employees the necessary protection from welding and can reduce workplace injury or accidental fires. It isn’t just about compliance though. Ensuring the well-being and safety of your workforce should be at the top of your mind always.

So why use Clearway Online?

At Clearway Online, we have the best quality PVC products on the market. We have been in the flexible PVC business for decades and have been perfecting our products over these many years. We also adhere to all the necessary health and safety specifications, providing the best possible flexible PVC products on the market. We also have friendly staff who are more than willing to answer any questions you may have and are on hand to deliver any specification documents you may need. So, if you are in the market for welding screens and partitions, you’ve come to the right place! So, what are you waiting for, get in contact with us today!