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Investing in PVC Strip Curtains to reduce energy costs

As winter rolls in, most businesses are aware of the difficulties associated with the rising energy costs and the challenges that come with keeping your business warm during the cold winter months and are therefore always looking for investments to reduce their energy costs. This can be extremely difficult for businesses that have larger buildings and large spaces. The largest cause of energy and heating loss, especially in these businesses with larger spaces, is inefficient temperature control management and a lack of adequate insulation.

PVC strip curtains solve the largest cause of energy loss.

Larger buildings often struggle with retaining heat, due to their larger sizes. It takes much more energy to heat these larger buildings when compared to smaller buildings and rooms. Any loss of warmth in these larger buildings is more difficult and costly to warm up again. Insulating these areas where the warmth escapes from, is of the utmost importance to keep your energy costs down. This is especially important for doorways that are kept open to allow traffic to flow through but at the cost of losing warmth in your buildings.

Open doorways are usually the biggest culprit for a loss of warmth in a building, as they are often left open by accident or for constant traffic to pass through without the hassle of opening and closing large warehouse doors. This is usually where most of the heating escapes in a heated building. When doorways are left open or are opened and closed frequently, they allow warm air to escape and cold air to enter the building, causing heating systems to work overtime and thus increasing energy costs. This can be easily solved by adding an insulating barrier to doorways to keep the cold out and keep the heating in.

The best solution is to install PVC strip curtains in doorways. PVC strip curtains act as a barrier, insulating the doorway and keeping the building warm. They are also great as they still allow traffic to flow freely through the doorway while still insulating the doorway. The doorway also does not need to be constantly opened and closed to keep the cold out as the curtains fall back into place when traffic passes through, immediately closing the gap in the doorway, and preventing the heating from escaping from the building.

Why are PVC strip curtains the recommended solution for reducing energy costs?

PVC strip curtains come highly recommended for the following reasons:

  • Preventing cold air from entering the building: PVC strip curtains act as a barrier to keep the cold out, minimising drafts and the infiltration of cold outside air. This ensures that your building stays warm even when it’s cold outside.
  • Preventing Heat Loss: PVC strip curtains create an insulating barrier to keep the heating in the building, preventing heat from escaping through the doorways. This can lead to substantial energy savings as this prevents your heating systems from working overtime to keep the building warm.
  • Maintaining a controlled temperature: With PVC strip curtains installed, your heating and cooling systems don’t have to work as hard to maintain consistent temperatures, reducing energy consumption.




In addition to the energy savings mentioned above, PVC strip curtains also have a variety of other benefits such as:

  • Dust and Pest Control: They act as a protective barrier, protecting doorways against contaminants such as dust, insects, smoke, and dirt, helping to maintain a cleaner workspace.
  • Consistent and Free-Flowing Traffic: Strip curtains allow employees and vehicles to pass through doorways without manual door operation. They also automatically fall back into place after traffic passes through and therefore keeping the doorway constantly insulated.
  • Noise Reduction: PVC strip curtains can help to reduce noise pollution by dampening the sound that passes through the curtains. This creates a quieter workplace that is more comfortable for employees and neighbours.
  • Cost Effective: PVC strip curtains are cheap to purchase and install. They are also great bang for their buck, significantly increasing the insulation in your buildings for a fraction of the price of other insulation and heating methods.
  • Easy to Maintain: PVC strip curtains are easy to maintain and clean. They are also cheap and easy to replace if they become damaged or broken.


PVC strip curtains are a great investment.

PVC strip curtains are a great investment for businesses, offering an energy-efficient and low-cost solution to rising energy costs and expensive winter heating bills. They also provide a large variety of other great benefits, helping to keep your premises clean and efficient, while also keeping your employees warm and working efficiently. With energy costs rising and cold winters always around the corner, there’s no better time to invest in PVC strip curtains for your business.

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