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Who are Clearway Online?

Clearway has been around the block. We have been in the flexible PVC business for over 60 years, being a global leader within the PVC industry for decades. We are one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the world, supplying many countries across all the continents.

Brief History

Clearway officially started business in 1967 and at the time was one of the first large companies to operate within the flexible PVC industry. Clearway did reasonably well until 1997, until the company started to expand further out into Europe and acquired other small PVC manufacturers and suppliers. This is where Clearway truly started to take off dominating the European PVC market by acquisition tactics. Clearway also started expanding into the other continents and began creating different factories in the global market, creating a global network.

Our Global Network

Clearway has a global network of companies operating all over the world, supplying nearly every country in the world. We have a network of factories and offices in North America (Texas), Brazil, France, UK, Italy, Germany, Russia, China and Hong Kong. We have a total of 3 manufacturing plants worldwide (North America, France and China) and this is how we are able to keep our global operations running and how we provide great service to all of our customers, all across the world.

PVC Supplier vs PVC Manufacturer

We are one of the largest flexible PVC manufacturers in the world. Unfortunately a lot of PVC suppliers claim the same and heavily imply that they are manufacturers. Within the PVC industry a lot of companies claim to be the manufacturer but in fact they aren’t, and they have no manufacturing plants and only operate in terms of buying off manufacturers. Other times it may be a play on words and slightly misleading, as they may only manufacture an end-product (such as a PVC strip curtain) which then would mean they are the manufacturer of the end-product but not he PVC that was required to make it.

So why choose Clearway then?

As we are the manufacturer, we have a say in how our PVC is produced and we know exactly what ingredients are in our PVC. This allows us to have environmentally safer products with guaranteed quality and durability. We hold our PVC to the highest standards and are always striving for the highest quality. Here at Clearway, quality is everything, and we go above and beyond to make sure we have top-quality products that our customers feel comfortable purchasing. We also ensure that we have no dangerous, cancer-causing ingredients in our PVC, that is 100% recyclable, making it safe for our customers and our planet.