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PVC Buying Guide

Do you need to buy some flexible PVC but you are not sure what type of PVC you need? This guide will talk you through each aspect of what you need to consider when buying one of our flexible PVC products. The main aspect to consider is what you’re going to be using the PVC for and what traits the PVC will need in order to fulfil this purpose. We have a variety of different PVC for a variety of uses. Here is a breakdown of our product range on offer:

Fire Retardant

Fire retardant rolls are used in places where heat or fire may be involved. It is recommended for all applications which require superior fire resistance over and above our standard product range. This can be near heating elements, near sparks or small flames. Fire Retardant PVC complies with international regulations such as EUROCLASS, M1 classification, B1 classification.

Polar Grade

Polar Grade PVC is most used within very cold environments. Polar PVC has been specially designed with the same flexibility and clarity of our standard PVC but also allows for the PVC to withstand colder environments without breaking or warping. Polar PVC is also a great insulator and can therefore reduce the energy costs used for cooling. This saves you money and keeps the rooms where these curtains are installed colder for longer. This PVC is commonly found within cold-rooms, cold-chain environments, freezer environments, slaughterhouses, or anywhere that has colder than usual temperatures (used down to -25 degrees).


Anti-static rolls are made from a high static dissipative material, allowing static and electrical charges to dissipate rapidly. This prevents sparks and all other electrical discharges from building up and causing damage to nearby personnel or nearby workstations. Anti-static strip curtains and partitions can be used in varied applications such as explosive atmosphere (mining, chemical sites, laboratories, etc.) or in static electric sensitive areas (datacentres, electronic part factories, packaging, etc.). This PVC is perfect for you if you work in any industry that deals with electrical sensitive areas.


Transparent PVC rolls hold all the great Clearway qualities of standard PVC but comes in a variety of different colours. This PVC can have a variety of different uses, such as warning markers or decoration. It is commonly used on the edge of large PVC strip curtains to warn vehicles or forklift where the edge of the curtain is and acts as a deterrent for the drivers.


Opaque solid colour PVC is a general purpose PVC that has all the traits of our standard PVC but is instead opaque and prevents light from passing through and prevents people from being able to see through it. Industries often use this PVC as a partition curtain to create privacy while adding some colour to the factory or warehouse.

Food Contact

Working in the food industry? Then this is the perfect product for you. Food contact PVC holds the superb Clearway qualities, but it has been created with the food industry specifically in mind. Food Contact PVC is food safe and complies with all the European food regulations (1375/2004/CE and EU-10/2011). Food Contact PVC is particularly recommended for food industry applications where fresh or frozen produce is present, such as food production plants, slaughterhouses, refrigerated trucks, cold storage, supermarket.


Stop-Insect PCV does what it says on the tin, it stops insects… It is mostly used with industries that must deal with insects or want to prevent insects from entering their establishments. It acts a repellent for insects and will repel 80% of all mosquitoes, flies and other bugs from going near the PVC and will kill any insects on contact. The product is safe for humans and animals and follows all the health and safety guidelines required.


If you’re working within the welding industry, then our ScreenFlex© may be useful for you. This PVC acts as a preventative barrier for all the dangers of welding. Our ScreenFlex© can protect viewers from the dangerous UV light and hot metal projectiles caused from welding. This allows onlookers to watch the welder work, while being protected from the dangers caused by welding. ScreenFlex© filters out all the dangerous light that is received from arc welding and has been designed with fireproof technology that protects people, equipment and buildings. It is fully compliant with EN1598, AWS f2.3 and ISO 25980.