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Screenflex® - Welding PVC Strips

PVC Strip Rolls

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Welding Screen Protection ScreenFlex can protect observers and nearby personnel from the dangerous light and hot debris caused from welding. ScreenFlex allows you to observe welders safely through the PVC without being subject to UV radiation and dangerous light wavelengths.

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Product description

Introducing our Screenflex curtain for welding! Screenflex curtain are designed to protect welders and onlookers from the dangers of bright welding light and dangerous UV rays. This amazing screen will allow welders to do their job without subjecting others to the dangers of welding spatter, harsh light and dangerous UV rays. This ensures that the observer and any other onlookers can safely do their jobs. Our Screenflex curtain for welding is fully compliant with international standards and regulations for “Health and Safety in Welding” (ISO 25980, EN 1598 in Europe)

The curtains also hold all of the great qualities that you will find with our all of our available PVC. This means that these PVC curtains also have the clarity, brightness, durability, flexibility, and resistance to impact of our all of our available ranges. These curtains are also great barriers against noise, dust, bugs, birds and other nuisances. Our PVC Curtain rolls are easy to install and maintain. They provide clear vision for safe, easy and free traffic flow as well as allowing natural light into the building.

It’s the only doors that’s always closed and yet it’s always open.

Suitable for temperatures within -15 to +50

If you would like to create your own strip curtain check out our stainless steel hook on system.
If you require a custom curtain, please see our bespoke options.

Key features

  • Complies with EN1598, AWS F2.3 and ISO 25992
  • Filters all the dangerous UV light from arc welding
  • Fireproofed to protect people, equipment and buildings
  • Available in different colours and transparencies
  • Anti-UV treated to ensure a durable optical protection of nearby onlookers
  • Screenflex Red is the most transparent product on the market while still complying with EN 1598, AWS F2.3 or ISO 25992
  • 100% Phthalate Free


  • Automatic Welding Chains
  • Welding Shops
  • Engineering Factory
  • Outside Operations
  • Welding in Public Places

Rough sizing guide

212 x 2 = Pedestrian + Light machinery
300 x 3 = Light machinery
400 x 4 = Heavy machinery

Create a custom PVC strip curtain to suit your needs

Save yourself time and create your own bespoke curtain from our strip curtain calculator. This will give you the opportunity to create a complete custom curtain which will be made to measure here at our warehouse.