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Available Mounting Hardware

Hook-on-Track & Plate Set – What are they?

Do you require a mounting system to hang up your PVC strip curtains? And what is the best mounting hardware for your PVC strip curtains? We’ll describe the variety of mounting hardware on offer to hopefully find the best option to suit your needs.

What size plate set shall I use?

Plates are use to fasten the PVC strips to a mounting system. They are riveted to the PVC to ensure that they are fastened safely and securely. There are 4 sizes for your plate sets which are 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, the general rule that is used in the industry is depending on the width of your PVC strip you would use the corresponding size in the plate sets. So for example if you had 200mm wide PVC strips you would use a plate set size of 200mm.

Why use Hook-on-Track and plate sets?

The hook on track is the most popular mounting system for hanging PVC strips and there’s plenty of good reasons for that; they are easy to replace and need little to no maintenance. They can also be fixed to either wall or door frame, suitable for internal and external doors and are prebuilt to cover all overlapping combinations to ensure the desired level of thermal insulation and noise, dust and weather protection.

Quick mount

Quick mount is a new mounting system that offers fast and efficient installation as opposed to the traditional hook-on track and plate set. This allows for you to hook the PVC directly on to the system without having a plate set. You will still need to have holes on the PVC which are different from the rivet holes from the traditional sense. These holes are made with the quick mount holepunch. Quickmount is quickly becoming more popular due to it being 10 times faster to set up than traditional mounting systems. There is also no need to use expensive tools or bolts.

Rivets – What is a rivet?

Rivets are what holds the plate set and the PVC together. In total 3 rivets are required, one on each side (left and right) and one in the centre. They only come in one size so don’t worry about if it will fit or not – if you need more information, please check out our how to guide on fitting PVC strips which gives a full in depth description of the process.

If you want to talk about what the right mounting system is right for you, don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call, we are more than happy to help.