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About Us

Welcome to Clearway Online, your premier destination for high-quality flexible PVC solutions. As a leading manufacturer and supplier in the industry, we are committed to delivering exceptional products that meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our flexible PVC materials are renowned for their durability, versatility, and performance, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. At Clearway Online, we pride ourselves on combining advanced technology with expert craftsmanship to provide solutions that exceed expectations. Explore our extensive product range and experience the Clearway difference today—where innovation meets reliability.

Who are we?

We are the largest manufacturer and distributor of flexible PVC worldwide

We have been producing the best quality PVC since 1990. We pride ourselves on our ethics, customer service and great quality PVC. We operate globally with offices in France, UK, Germany, Brazil, North America, and China. Our years of experience ensures that we have the best product on the market, as well as the expertise and knowledge to fulfil any order.

Our ethos

Specialisation, business ethics, vision & service.

We ensure to provide the best product, ensuring our products are ethical and safe. We make sure to follow health and ecological guidelines, making sure our PVC is better for our clients, as well as our planet. Our clients also expect perfect quality and exceptional customer service. Therefore we make sure to specialise in great service delivery and great business ethics, while offering a large variation of products with specific uses to cater to a variety of customers.



Clearway provide PVC for all types of situations, we can do this because we manufacture the PVC and we can add the right compound for the right product, this means we can offer products such as our “ScreenFlex”, “Anti – Static”, “Fire Retardant” etc.


Global vision with local service

We are a global manufacturer of PVC and fulfil orders in 150 plus countries supplying the local suppliers. Now we have decided to operate to everybody with the use of ecommerce and we can now sell direct to consumer.


Business ethics

Here at Clearway, we pride ourselves on ethics and quality, this is the reason we have held the title of world leading manufacturer. We do not have dangerous phthalates or chemicals within our PVC like our competitors.

Why use us?

Experts and sustainable leaders in our field

We will never subsidise PVC quality over price and profit, Our PVC quality is second to none and will always out preform our competitors.

ISO 9001 registered & REACH compliant

We are ISO 9001 registered meaning we have a recognized standard for quality management systems with Clearway. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals, this is an authorisation that Clearway PVC is safeguarding human health and the environment.

Over 60+ years of trading & experience

Clearway has been operating for over 60+ years and over the years we have and will always continue to be the best PVC supplier in the world. We have a second to none research and development team that strive for a great product.

We only use non phthalate plasticizer

Our PVC is completely phthalate free which means it doesn’t contain any dangerous plasticizers, it is safe for humans in the workplace and believe it or not, not all PVC suppliers can say the same.

We ensure that we recycle all our PVC waste

Clearway have a recycle scheme, we save our waste and then we recycle it back into PVC to re-use again. As a customer you are more than welcome to bring your PVC waste to use and we will recycle the PVC for you.

Manufacturing process

<>We manufacture for a wide range of applications

Here at Clearway, we produce all of our own PVC and because we do this we can produce whatever type of PVC that you require meaning we can produce very technical products for different applications. This allows us to make products such as Polar, Anti-UV, ScreenFlex, Fine Vinyl etc.

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The core ingredients of PVC are salt and oil so firstly we will need to extract the ethylene from the oil then we will need to extract the chlorine from water and sea water.



We will now use our solution from the previous step which is called ethylene dichloride which will then go through thermal cracking process that will then create vinyl chloride monomer (VCM) this will be sent through catalyst until the molecules react and link with each other.



Clearway not only manufactures PVC, but we also manufacture the compound that produces PVC. This is accomplished by incorporating various safe chemicals into the compound, which results in a PVC roll or sheet at the end of the process.



Once we have the compound, we need to make this into PVC rolls or sheets. This is where the compound is pushed through the extruder at high temperatures and formed into the shape of our choice.



Now we have created our PVC product, and this is ready to ship directly to you, from our manufacturing plant straight to your door!


Fully compliant and the only manufacturer using non-phthalate

We shout about this a lot as we are proud to be as green as possible when it comes to manufacturing our own PVC. Competitors tend to care more about the money rather than the quality and this shows. Here at Clearway, we are proud to produce PVC which is safe and healthy for all applications.