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Can’t decide on what PVC is best for you? Well take a look at our application list below, you will find the most common industries or uses for our PVC, which ever one fits your use please click into it and see what PVC is recommended for your industry.

Pedestrian PVC Strip Curtains

Used in industries that have pedestrian or light machinery passing through the strip curtains.

Heavy Duty PVC Strip Curtains

For industries that have light or heavy machinery traffic passing through the strip curtains.

Low Temp Strip Curtains

For cold storage industries or for use in refrigerators and freezers.

Screenflex® Welding Strip Curtains

ISO 25980 Compliant Welding PVC. Protects users from dangerous UV light and hot molten metal.

Health & Safety PVC Screens & Strip Curtains

For protecting businesses and employees from workplace hazards and threats.

Antibacterial PVC Strip Curtains

For clean environments and virus protection, preventing outbreaks and the spread of disease.

Foodsafe PVC Strip Curtains

Specifically designed for food industries to protect food and beverage items from contamination.

Frosted/Matt PVC Strip Curtains

Adding privacy while still allowing light to enter through doorways with our semi-opaque matt PVC

Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtains

Helps assist with managing air flow in server rooms and preventing static build-up and discharge.

Fire Retardant PVC Strip Curtains

For industries that require additional fire proofing or fire protection.

Pest-Proof PVC Strip Curtains

For industries that want to prevent the build-up of insects in their workplace.

Noise reduction PVC Strip Curtains

For industries that require sound proofing or noise control.

Clear PVC Sheet Table Covers

The use of PVC sheets as table covers helps to protect them from any damage or wear.

Create a custom PVC strip curtain to suit your needs

Save yourself time and create your own bespoke curtain from our strip curtain calculator. This will give you the opportunity to create a complete custom curtain which will be made to measure here at our warehouse.