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Are PVC strip curtains the best at keeping the cold weather out?

PVC strip curtains help with temperature control

PVC is a great material that has many benefits and uses. It acts as an insulator, preventing heat from escaping through the PVC. When installed in doorways, the PVC can form an effective barrier, preventing the cold winter temperatures from entering through the doorway. It is also lightweight and easy to pass through and so allows traffic to easily pass through with no problems. When PVC strip curtains are fitted correctly, they can also protect your premises from noise, odours, insects, and pests.

The PVC will also always fall back into place after traffic has passed through it, sealing the doorway again from the elements. Therefore, PVC strip curtains are great for doorways where traffic is consistently flowing through. They also do not need to be opened and closed constantly and are therefore the easiest method to keep the warm temperatures in your building, while still allowing traffic to flow through the doorway. They also don’t need to be closed after someone passes through. This means no one can accidently leave the doorway open to the freezing temperatures outside and allows traffic to flow smoothly without any interruptions.

PVC strip curtains are durable

PVC is a very durable material, able to take damage and able to withstand low temperatures without a problem at all. Strip curtains will endure constant traffic passing through them daily without issues. They will also endure sub-zero temperatures easily. If the curtains you wish to purchase will be exposed to extremely cold temperatures (up -25°c), we recommend that you go for polar-grade PVC, so that you are guaranteed to not have any problems at all.

Exposure to the elements, such as the constant rain and wind, might eventually cause wooden doors to swell and warp. Strip curtains on the other hand, will always remain in their original shape as they were when they were installed. They are also extremely difficult to damage, being resistant to scrapes and punctures. Even when they occasionally do get damaged, it does not affect the effectiveness of the material. PVC is also really easy to clean. Often all it needs is just a quick wipe with a wet cloth to remove dirt and stains. For dirtier strips, you can use dish washing liquid to easily clean the PVC strips and make them as good as new. This makes them perfect for outdoor use as they are easy to clean and won’t get damaged by the elements. 

PVC strip curtains are cost-effective

PVC strip curtains are cheaper than most doorway solutions. They are also extremely cheap and easy when you need to replace them. If a strip is damaged or broken, you will just need to replace that one strip, saving you time and money. They are also easy to install and so you won’t need to call in professionals to install it for you, saving you even more money.

PVC strip curtains are fantastic for keeping the cold and wet winter weather out of your premises. They will insulate your building while still allowing traffic to flow freely. Strip curtains are the best option for keeping your building warm and the energy bills low, while still allowing traffic to flow freely.

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