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Common uses for PVC strip curtains

What are PVC strip curtains?

PVC is an extremely durable and versatile industrial or commercial-grade plastic. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and can be referred to as “flexible vinyl” or just “vinyl” within the plastic industry. PVC has a huge amount of uses and therefore has become one of the most used industrial and commercial-grade plastic products used globally. They are often used in strips and hung up as curtains in doorways. These act as barriers in high traffic doorways, where a lot of manoeuvring and transporting of products takes place. These are referred to as PVC strip curtains.

What Are Some Common Uses for PVC Curtains?

PVC curtains can be used in a variety of commercial or industrial businesses and can be found all over the world. They have a variety of uses and can help companies save money, increase health and safety standards, increase employee comfort and boost productivity. Here are a few of the uses for PVC strip curtains:


1. PVC strip curtains act as a divider or partition for different sections in workplaces.

PVC strip curtains are a cheap a cheap and easy to install solution that can be used to divide different sections of your workplace. Using PVC strip curtains is beneficial as they can be transparent, allowing you to monitor your work force while still providing a designated work area. They also contribute to noise reduction, acting as a barrier to prevent noise from passing through the sections. They also prevent dirt and dust from passing through the factory, be it through a partition or through a specific doorway.

They can also act as a protective barrier. Some PVC strip curtains have fire retardant qualities, preventing the spread of fires. Our welding grade PVC has fire retardant qualities, as well as anti-UV qualities to protect onlookers from the dangers of the light produced while workers are welding. PVC strip curtains are the perfect dividers because they act as a divider while still allowing traffic to easily flow through them.


2. PVC strip curtains act as a barrier for frequently used outdoor exits and entrances.

Opening and closing doorways constantly may not be too bad in a small factory, but in larger factories with constant traffic passing through exits and entrances, it may be ridiculous to have to do this constantly. Especially in winter when you want to keep the cold temperatures outside and keep the heating inside the building. PVC strip curtains solve this issue by allowing traffic to flow easily while still acting as a barrier to keep the cold weather out, as well as other contaminants such as insects, dust, smoke, etc.

In high traffic areas such as distribution centres or loading docks, having doors and gates that get in the way can be dangerous and can act as obstacles slowing down warehouse tasks. It’s a lot easier to simply walk or drive through a clear, transparent PVC strip curtain, instead of having to open doors or gates every time you want to pass through. PVC strip curtains also close again once traffic passes through them and so there’s no need to remember to close them behind you once you’ve gone through the doorway.


3. PVC strip curtains can be used in refrigeration units and cold rooms.

Temperature control is often an important function of many workplaces. A lot of money is spent on heating during the winter months and so preventing heat loss is a must to keep employees warm and comfortable, while also reducing heating costs.

Some business sectors, such as the food or building industry, require their products to be kept at a specific temperature to prevent them from expiring, keep them fresh, prevent them from warping or to prevent them from getting damaged. Clearway Online offer temperature resistant PVC for colder temperatures. These polar grade PVC strip curtains can withstand temperatures up to -25°c. These are great for use in freezer and cold rooms to prevent warm air from entering the room and ruining the product inside.



How Can PVC Strip Curtains Benefit Your Business?

PVC strip curtains are the most used and are the preferred choice for many businesses around the world. This is due to the huge number of benefits that come with using them in your warehouse or business.


  1. PVC strip curtains are completely transparent, allowing your workers to see what is on the other side. This increases workplace safety and decreases accidents or collisions, reducing the chances of a work-related injury. PVC has all the benefits of glass, but also has the added benefits of not being as fragile and dangerous as glass. It also weighs a lot less and doesn’t shatter if damaged. This makes it the ideal material for the job.
  2. PVC strip curtains are flexible, making it easier for you to pass through them and manoeuvre around them. This means that vehicles and personnel can easily move through them with minimal effort, even when carrying heavy loads. Machinery and traffic can also pass through easily without the need for stopping and opening the entrance or for a designated person to open and close the doorway.
  3. PVC strip curtains are great as a barrier defence for your warehouse or building. They aren’t only great at providing insulation and temperature control to your building, but they also prevent dust, insects, bacteria, smoke, and other contaminants from entering your building. This keeps your workplace clean and safe.
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