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Create your own PVC strip curtain

Building your own PVC strip curtain couldn’t be easier! Just input your measurements and we’ll send them directly to your door! Comes with all the required plates and hanging rails included!

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The only manufacturer in the UK using safe phthalate free ingredients and 100% recyclable PVC

We proudly emphasize our commitment to environmentally friendly practices in manufacturing our PVC! We prioritise quality over profits, focusing on producing safe and eco-friendly PVC, free of dangerous chemicals, making our PVC 100% recyclable. We also have all the necessary credentials to prove it. At Clearway, sustainability and quality are our top priorities.


Why choose Clearway PVC?

Clearway PVC has been manufactured by us to the highest quality for the last 60+ years.

About us

Save money on energy

Every 100mm in thickness in PVC can generate 25% more thermal energy saving you energy costs.

Quick & easy installation

With our many different mounting options you will always find something suitable for you.

Strong & durable

PVC is made to be durable. Just water and soap are needed for the upkeep of PVC strips.

Safe material

Clearway PVC is completely phthalate free and has no dangerous chemicals.

Create a custom PVC strip curtain to suit your needs

Create your own custom strip curtain from our online PVC strip curtain builder. This will give you the opportunity to create a complete custom curtain which will be made to your exact measurements and shipped directly to you, with all the required hardware.

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