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Top 10 business sectors that benefit from PVC Strip Curtains

There are a variety of benefits and uses for PVC strip curtains and so a huge number of industries choose to use these curtains within their factories or workstations. These benefits and uses include insulating buildings, keeping contaminants out of workplaces and temperature control. They are also cheap and easy to install and require minimal maintenance. They are extremely durable and even if you do need to replace curtain strips, all it takes is a matter of minutes to replace the damaged strips. It’s no wonder that they are an industry standard and are found in so many industrial sectors. Here are just a few of the industries that are making use of strip curtains:

The Manufacturing and Warehousing Industry

PVC strip curtains are often used in manufacturing plants and factories to prevent dust and debris from entering the building, reduce noise of loud machinery and can also be used to maintain the temperature and humidity of the factory. They also provide added safety by creating partitions and barriers by sectioning off hazardous areas. There are also PVC strip curtains created with a very particular application in mind like our PVC welding screens, created to protect others from the dangerous UV light produced from welding or our pest proof PVC strip curtains, specifically created to repel insects.


The Cold Storage Industry

PVC strip curtains can save this industry a lot of money. Strip curtains are great at insulating doorways and preventing the cold air from escaping from freezers and cold rooms. This saves you money on your energy bills and helps to preserve the products inside. PVC strip curtains are also great for keeping doorways closed, allowing traffic to pass through while also minimising the amount of time the doorway is wide open as the curtains act as a barrier to keep the cold air inside. Therefore, if you need to maintain temperature control, then PVC strip curtains are the way to go. At Clearway Online, we also offer low temperature PVC that can withstand the lower temperatures found in some freezers and can withstand temperatures up to -25 degrees Celsius.


The Food and Beverage Industry

Maintaining proper hygiene is essential in the food and beverage industry. Keeping food fresh and free of any contaminants is crucial. This is why PVC strip curtains are so beneficial. They keep out the insects, dust, and other contaminants, while also helping with temperature control, keeping the workspace cool. We also offer a food safe PVC for those businesses that require an extra safety measure. This is for those businesses that have the food touching the PVC and want to be extra sure that the PVC won’t contaminate the food in any way.


The Retail Industry

Retail stores often make use of PVC strip curtains so that they can maintain temperature control in the store and reduce their energy costs. This is often seen in grocery stores and butchers where fridges and freezers are needed to keep produce fresh. The curtains also act as a barrier to reduce noise, creating a more comfortable shopping experience for the customers in the store. Our PVC also comes in a variety of different colours and can therefore be used as a decorative partition in some stores.


The Healthcare Industry

PVC strip curtains help to keep workplaces in the healthcare industry sterile, preventing the contamination of medical equipment and preventing the spread of germs and other microbial life. They also help to regulate the temperature and humidity in hospitals and clinics, which is extremely important in the production of medical equipment and to keep medicines and other healthcare products at the recommended temperature. We also offer antibacterial range that kills bacteria and viruses on contact, which is extremely beneficial as it prevents the spread of germs and diseases.


The Automotive Industry

Automotive industries often use PVC strip curtains to protect their factories against dust, debris, and other harmful particles. These factories can also get quite loud and so PVC strip curtains can be used to reduce the noise in the factory. They can also be used to help maintain the temperature in the factories and reduce the heating bills.


The Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industries require extremely sterile environments. PVC strip curtains can help keep workplaces clean and germ free by acting as barriers, preventing any foreign contaminants from entering the workspace. They also regulate temperature and humidity, keeping them in the recommended ranges. We offer an antibacterial range that kills bacteria and viruses on contact if you require a PVC product that prevents the spread of germs and diseases, while also having all the other benefits of PVC strip curtains.


The Agriculture Industry

In the agricultural industry, PVC strip curtains can be extremely helpful in agricultural buildings such as greenhouses, barns, slaughterhouses, etc. They can keep your plants and animals warm in the winter by acting as a barrier, keeping the warmth in, while also keeping insects and other pests out. This can prevent the spread of disease and keep mould and other fungal growth from growing in these building.


The Chemical Industry

PVC strip curtains can help prevent the escape of harmful chemicals from laboratories and can prevent dangerous fumes from spreading. They act as barriers preventing any dangerous chemicals from passing through. They can also help to maintain temperature and humidity and keep any contaminants from entering the building or spreading to different parts of the building.


The Hospitality Industry

PVC strip curtains help to maintain the cleanliness in kitchens and other work areas, by keeping out insects, dirt, and dust. They also create a barrier to help maintain the temperature in the buildings, helping to improve the comfort of both the staff and the guests.

PVC strip curtains by Clearway Online

PVC strip curtains are extremely useful, with a large range of benefits and are essential for a variety of industries. They provide a cost-effective solution to insulating your buildings, while lowering energy costs, keeping contaminants and pests out of the building, and keeping your workforce comfortable and happy. At Clearway Online, sell PVC strip curtains, as well as other PVC related products, online. We have a huge range of PVC strip curtains to suit your every need. We can create and supply PVC strip curtains to a variety of heights, thicknesses, widths and for a variety of different purposes. Visit our online store now and look at what we have on offer!

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