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What Are Strip Curtains?

Strip curtains (sometimes called ‘strip door curtains’ or just ‘strip doors’) are clear transparent, flexible strips of PVC plastic. They are usually installed in doorways to act as a barrier to insulate and protect the interior of your workplace from the elements or to prevent foreign contaminants from entering buildings. They are cheap and easy to install, taking mere minutes to install. They are also easy to replace and can save your business a tonne of money and time. There are a huge variety of uses and benefits for strip curtains and are highly recommended for any factory or warehouse building.

Strip curtains are flexible, allowing you to walk or drive through, without the hassle of having to open the door. They are also transparent, allowing employees to see through the doorway, decreasing the risk of accidental collisions and injuries. Our strip curtains are made from a very durable plastic that is flexible enough to bend and move, but also able to withstand many years of abuse from heavy traffic.

PVC strip curtains are also easy to install and maintain. The installation process is very simple, requiring you to only install a small rail and hanging the plastic strips onto this rail. Anyone can install them as they just require a few commonly found tools to set up. The strips can also be easily replaced if damaged and can be individually replaced. PVC strip curtains can also be customised to fit any doorway. The curtains can be cut to the exact specifications that you require and are therefore suitable for any business or doorway type.


Summary: Strip curtains are flexible plastic strips that are hung from a doorway, that act as a barrier to prevent contaminants from entering through the doorway. They also act as a thermal insulator, maintaining temperatures in your building while still allowing employees and vehicles to pass through easily.

How Can Strip Curtains Benefit Your Business?

PVC strip curtains have a huge variety of benefits and uses. The main benefit of using PVC strip curtains is the thermal insulation properties that you get from the curtains. The curtains act as a barrier, maintaining temperatures and preventing cold air from entering your building and preventing warm air from escaping your buildings. This keeps your employees warm and comfortable and therefore increases employee satisfaction. This also saves you money on energy bills for heating or for cooling.

Strip curtains also help prevent dust or insects from entering your building. This is particularly useful for businesses that require the premises to be clean and pest free, such as the food or healthcare industry. If your business needs to remain sterile and clean, using strip curtains can help you keep dirt, dust, or insects out of your premises.

Strip curtains can also increase the flow of traffic through workplace doorways and decrease the number of accidental collisions. Strip curtains are also transparent and so allow your workforce to see if the doorway is safe to pass through. This means that pedestrian and vehicle traffic can confidently pass through doorways without stopping and can make sure it’s safe before passing through. This is great for high traffic doorways, such as loading docks or receiving bays, where workers need to constantly move products through doorways.


Summary: Strip curtains can offer a variety of benefits for your business, including the ability to easily maintain your workplaces temperature, allows your workers to see through doorways, and prevent dust, smoke, and insects from entering your premises.

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